Schiff and Bernstein, A Professional Corporation is well known and respected for its dedicated representation of physician-owned organizations. The members of the Firm have decades of experience and remain on the cutting edge of the dynamic changes in healthcare delivery systems and the federal and state laws and regulations that impact their organization and operation. The Firm strives to bring both advocacy and experience-backed knowledge of the law and business of healthcare to our clients.


The Firm represents clients from a diverse range within healthcare. Our clients value the Firm’s recognition that negotiating the terms of strategic alliances, while grappling with regulatory issues, must be balanced with their clinical responsibilities. Our healthcare clients trust the Firm to provide forward looking advice as they explore new opportunities and navigate legal and operational challenges. Importantly, they come to rely on the Firm’s commitment to identify practical, effective, and efficient solutions. The mutual rewards are lasting relationships that strengthen our clients and improve our service.

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