Special Skills & Knowledge

Schiff and Bernstein, A Professional Corporation is an ideal fit for healthcare professionals and medical organizations seeking to innovate, enhance and/or expand their practices. While the Firm can manage a broad range of the healthcare law and related business needs of our clients, the members have significant experience in the following areas:

Mergers & Acquisitions

The members of the Firm leverage their knowledge of M&A transactions and healthcare law and business to provide clients with comprehensive services in connection with planning, negotiating, and implementing strategic alliances, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and sales.

Reorganization of Specialty Practices

The Firm assists specialty practices with reorganization and affiliation strategies to expand and enhance diagnostic and therapeutic programs, achieve targeted improvements in performance metrics, leverage the skills of mid-level providers, and utilize clinic space and facilities more efficiently.

Vertical Integration

The Firm assists healthcare organizations with innovative vertical integration strategies, including the creation of center of excellence programs, single specialty surgical facilities and complementary ancillary service lines, and consolidated delivery systems among separate medical groups to compete with dominant hospital delivery systems in the areas.

Value-Based Systems

The Firm assists healthcare organizations to develop and implement global risk arrangements, shared savings joint ventures, and clinically integrated networks.

Fraud and Abuse

The Firm’s broad knowledge of state and federal fraud and abuse and physician self-referral laws and regulations, compliance standards, governance, licensure, and accreditation mean that the members can assist healthcare organizations to navigate complex federal and state regulatory mazes and, if necessary, assist them with making voluntary disclosures, fulfilling reporting requirements, and responding to government investigations, surveys, and audits.

Compensation and Buy-Sell Strategies

The Firm has a wealth of experience in the design of compensation methodologies and the development of ownership admission and exit strategies that balance the needs of the healthcare organization and its constituent providers.

Physician-Hospital Alignment

The members of the Firm have worked with dozens of medical groups to develop and implement alternative alignment vehicles, including outpatient hospital departments and medical foundations, through which physicians and hospitals integrate clinically and financially to deliver primary care and specialty services.